When we set out to produce Pajamas of the World in 1997 we had a goal of creating our own brand… Today, seeing getting in return for our labor makes us happy…

As Özalper Textile to be known in domestic market as well as world market with Dowry, Tor Men Ta and FLZ brands, and our commitment to the basic principles and not compromising on quality, no doubt, have a large share of being a preferred brand with our men and women pajamas group and home wear.

As Özalper Textile we are closely following today’s technology, with our modern production technology park and R&D unit we are constantly investing in technology in every stage of production.

We aim;
- To provide our products and services with universal quality and standards,
- To be a symbol of reliable and sustainable symbol for our customers and employees,
- "human first" principle at every stage of our production and management processes,
- To create a sustainable source for improvement.
- To care for the conservation of nature.

As Özalper Textile we aim to carry our name and our gains into the future of Turkish Pajamas Industry as well as wishing to see you with us.

With our Respects,